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Top 10 hidden destinations in Asia

Continent: Asia

Time zone: 11 time zones UTC +12, UTC +11, UTC +10, UTC +9, UTC +8, UTC +7, UTC +6.5, UTC +6, UTC +5.75, UTC +5.5, UTC +5

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Travelling to Asia is always a good idea! The continent offers a variety of countries with so much to offer that you can find something to visit all year long. Asia is a fabulous mix of cultures and destinations which will appeal to any type of traveller, offering from snowy mountains to the most exotic beaches, from bustling metropolis to vast wilderness. 

Many choose the world-renown destinations in Asia, such as Phuket in Thailand, the Maldives or the Great Wall of China, and that’s good. But for those who prefer the hidden gems, we took the time to complete a 10 hidden destinations list in Asia, so they can step where only a few stepped before and have the time of their lives!


No. 10 – Kapas Island in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the most distinguished tourism destinations, and this country has a way of offering something different to every tourist.

Kapas Island is one of the lesser-known destinations in Malaysia, which offers everything one might look for in an exotic destination, without the overcrowded beaches. Golden sand beaches, overlooked by palm trees, clear blue waters and authentic accommodations make Kapas Island in Malaysia a dream destination.


No. 9 – Jomblang Cave in Indonesia

The Jombland Cave in Indonesia is a destination for adventure seekers. Dare to wonder inside the cave and walk to its very end, where you will find yourself standing in the sun’s rays like something out of this world.

The most spectacular thing about this cave is that you can actually find an ancient forest growing inside of it. Imagine the feeling when you reach the bottom of the cave and see the jungle-like vegetation. It is worthwhile going to the end of the world for such an experience.


No. 8 – Hue in Vietnam

Hue city is found in central Vietnam and it is a 19th-century citadel, surrounded by a moat and thick stone walls. It represents the Imperial City of Vietnam, offering palaces and shrines all around its narrow streets, as well as the Forbidden Purple City and a replica of the Royal Theater.

The local pronunciation of the city’s name is “Hway”, and this is one destination often overlooked by tourists. If you decide to visit it, you will have the benefit of a less crowded destination, but its a pity it does not get the recognition it deserves for its beauties.


No. 7 – Sidemen in Bali

Most people visit Bali for its heavenly beaches, lush jungle vegetation and to meditate. But only a few know that Bali has so much more to offer, including volcano views, rice terraces and jungle-tangled gorges.

Sidemen is one of those lesser-known gems of Bali, mainly because there’s not much to do there. But, for those who love contemplating nature in all its beauty, Sidemen one of the best spots on the island. You can wander through rice paddies, find hidden tracks in woodland, visit old temples, see Bali’s sacred mountain, Gunung Agung, or just sit on the hills and soak the power and energy of surrounding beauty.


No. 6 – Koh Phayam in Thailand

If you don’t want to visit Phuket or Pattaya, but you want to see something similar, you can visit Koh Phayam. This is a secluded island near Ranong, which is mostly known to Thai people and less known among tourists. We recommend going to Koh Phayam island during the low season when you can expect deserted beaches left for you only to enjoy. The only transportation means on Koh Phayam are bikes and bicycles, as there are no roads, making this destination a tropical dream.


No. 5 – The Cardamom Mountains in Cambodia

Visiting the Cardamom Mountains in Cambodia is no easy task, this is the reason why this destination remains unknown to many people. Holding the highest peak of Cambodia, the Cardamom Mountains offer rich biodiversity where you can even meet wild elephants.

If you like hiking or climbing, the Cardamom Mountains in Cambodia is a haven for those who like to see nature in its pristine beauty and find their inner self. Also, thanks to a community project, you can even plant trees in the Cardamom Mountains if you want to contribute to maintaining the forest.


No. 4 – Coonoor in India

When thinking about hilltop destinations in India, the first one that pops in everybody’s mind is Ooty. Unfortunately, this destination has become overcrowded and pricey, so if you are looking for something more authentic, you can visit Coonoor.

Coonoor is located not far from Ooty (1 hour by train) and it’s the second-largest hill station in the Nilgiri Hilles, in the state of Tamil Nadu. We recommend travelling to Coonoor via the UNESCO World Heritage-listed mountain railway which passes over 250 bridges.


No. 3 – Iskanderkul Lake in Tajikistan

Tajikistan is not a popular destination among western tourists, making it one of the best places for the adventure seekers and for those who prefer off the beaten track destinations. This country has limitless possibilities in terms of trekking and it’s a must-visit place for those who can’t imagine their lives without mountains and crystal-clear lakes like Iskanderkul.

A 300 square kilometres area, which includes the Iskanderkul lake and surrounding mountains has been designated as a protected natural reservation. You can go trekking along the rivers, water meadows, hardwood and juniper forests, mountain shrubland and sub-alpine meadows.


No. 2 – Jiuzhaigou in China

Jiuzhaigou is a natural reservation and national park located in the north of Sichuan Province in the southwestern region of China. This place is known for its colourful lakes, snow-capped peaks, verdant forests, waterfalls and awe-inspiring natural beauty.


No. 1 – Kashmir in India

Kashmir is also known as the Switzerland of India. It is a region which was famous for major caravan routes in ancient times and known for its natural beauty and spiritual significance in modern times.

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