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How to save money when travelling in 2020

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Starting 2020 with lots of destinations to take off your bucket list? Well, as fellow travelers, we can confirm that the more you travel, the more you want to see. It’s a never-ending process which brings only joy and fulfillment, food for our souls.

Even if travelling always leaves us wanting more, we might find ourselves with not-so-deep pockets to accomplish our desires. So, what do we do then, travel less? We say no! We find new ways to save money while travelling and go wherever the road may take us!

So, we made up a list of tested ways to save money when travelling in 2020. Find your inspiration, adopt what suits your travelling style and start packing for your next destination!


Save money when travelling through loyalty programs


Barry Choi, financial and travel expert recommends us to join each and every loyalty program we can find. We know it may sound banal, but many travellers use this method to get extra benefits and save money when travelling. And it is also a good starting point to make your holidays more cost-efficient.

For example, hotel loyalty programs can grant you early check-ins just for joining their members, and airlines will reward you with points for being a member of their club every time you buy a plane ticket. You can also gain miles for being a regular customer at airline companies, which in the end you can redeem for flights.

There are also other platforms which combine all these benefits. For example, Expedia rewards you with 2 points for every pound you spend on hotels, flights, cars and many more.

You can also benefit from bonuses offered by credit cards, as some will grant you with them just for signing up. Also, you should look for the credit cards which don’t change their standard fee when you are buying abroad. It might not sound like you’re saving much, but when purchases add up, so do the expenses, so the more you can save up, the better.


Save money when travelling in 2020 by buying plane tickets on weekends


Shading light on myths regarding the best days of the week to buy cheap plane tickets, Expedia conducted a study and revealed that in 2019, the cheapest flights were purchased during the weekend. To be more exact, the Airlines Reporting Corporation showed that in 2019, the cheapest airplane tickets were purchased on Sundays, travelers saving 20% on each ticket.

However, Sundays are the most expensive days when travelling, but there’s a way to save up even so. You can either include a Saturday night in your travel itinerary, as it seems that these are the cheapest ones in a metropolis such as New York, London or Los Angeles, or you can start booking your accommodation on Monday, spending Sunday night out in the city of destination.


Save money when travelling by avoiding unnecessary frills


When it comes to low-cost flights, you need to consider if they are actually suiting your needs. You might need the extra legroom when travelling for long hours or you might need to choose your seat. All these perks will add to your bill, but we recommend considering all your options before you book the flight.

If you decide to spend the extra money on the plane ticket, then you need to save the money from alternative sources, such as cash-backs from online purchases.


Save money when travelling through home swapping


For most people, home swapping seems something they would never do, inviting strangers into their home. But think of it this way: you get the chance to avoid the hotel bill, live like a local in someone’s house and even have extra benefits such as gym memberships or ski equipment at your disposal.

Many people do it, and it is perfectly safe as long as you use a specialized platform offering such services. Love Home Swap is one example, and its users reported to have saved thousands of dollars since using the platform’s services.


Save money when travelling by using price comparison websites


Use price-comparison websites whenever you are looking for hotel prices or flight fares, they will do the work for you. They also offer you the possibility to set up alerts and notice you when a specific destination is the cheapest if you’re not in a rush to book your holiday that is.

Such websites include Skyscanner, Google Flights, Kayak or AirfareWatchDog, as well as Trivago.


Save money when travelling in 2020 by split-ticketing


Mixing and matching your plane tickets might be the perfect solution to save some extra money on your trips. Sometimes, two connecting flights might be cheaper than a single one, so make sure you check both options.

Portals such as Google Flights or Skyscanner offer the possibility to search for flexible flights. This allows you to find the cheapest options and combine them to your liking. But if you choose such options, make sure you contact the airlines to link your reservations after booking, so there is no chance you lose flights.

However, remember that this option is only available when you search, choose and book your own flights. Generally, travel agencies cannot help you with such flexible options.


Save money when travelling on dining out


When you book a hotel room, load up on snacks if breakfast is included. It’s a good way to boost your energy for the adventures to come, but also a good way to save your money. And when it comes to the other meals of the day, make sure you compare the street food in the city and other restaurants to the fares practiced by your hotel, as these are might be notoriously inflated.

Another good option to save money on meals is choosing Airbnb and making your groceries on the local markets. Add some spice to your trip and prepare quick meals at home with fresh local ingredients, you will not regret it!




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