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How to find the best restaurants in New York

Country: United States of America

Continent: North America

Time zone: New York, NY, USA (GMT-5)

Best to visit: All year round

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New York, one of the most iconic cities in the world, is one tourist visit for dozens of reasons. The city’s skyline, the famous Times Square, the way the city comes to life during the holidays and many more are just some of the reasons one should visit it. But for foodies, New York is heaven like no other!

The amazing cultural diversity of New York has left its mark on many aspects, but we believe it is best shown in the cuisine of the city, and this is the reason why we completed an extensive guide for eating out in the city that never sleeps. And we’re talking inventive and fresh food, creative and, of course, tasty dishes.

You don’t have to spend your entire travel budget in these restaurants, as we have found so many delicious dishes to surprise your taste buds with less than you might think of when it comes to New York. And we made sure that these establishments are also the ones the locals would choose, so food is cooked with attention and heart, rather than to just take the tourists’ money.

So, let’s start our foodie pilgrimage through New York!


  1. Ugly Baby restaurant in New York

This is one Thai restaurant which will make you love pain. Yes, we mean what we say, and the waiters will warn you time and time again about the spices, but the food is that good, you simply cannot stop eating. But no worries, they have a special remedy for the spiciness, the cooling cucumbers which will make you feel reborn. We recommend the Udon Thani’s duck salad or the khao soi in this Caroll Gardens situated restaurant.


  1. Crown Shy restaurant in New York

Crown Shy is an example of how fine dining, craftsmanship and passion care come together and offer you extravagant foods which will not break your piggy bank. But will make you crave for more! This restaurant is owned by Jeff Katz and James Kent, executive chef at a Michelin-starred establishment. And the art deco building in the financial district will make your journey to the elevated restaurant even more interesting.


  1. Superiority Burger restaurant in New York

When food is amazing, there’s no need for a fancy restaurant, and the best example is Superiority Burger. Owners are winners of the James Beard Award and they decided to open a tiny eatery in East Village, where everything veggie takes a whole other meaning. Yes, we mean veggie burgers, which are competing with some of the most mouthwatering burgers we have ever tried, period. Needless to say, they have excellent gooey and patties, and they have people waiting outside in line to get their hands on some of their popular choices. If you were not convinced about veggie food by now, this place will make you change your mind!


  1. Via Carota restaurant in New York

A place where you will find simple but delicious Italian food, like mamma used to make it at home, Via Carota is a restaurant run by two famous chefs, Rita Sodi and Jody Williams. This rustic establishment will melt your heart while you enjoy their chopped steak with insalata verde or their incredible pasta. Once you’ve eaten here, there is no chance you will not become a regular, but so do think the rest of their customers, making things difficult when it comes to finding a free table in this West Village restaurant.


  1. Usha Foods restaurant in New York

Situated in Floral Park, Queens, Usha Foods in another restaurant which demonstrates you don’t need meat to have an extensive and mouthwatering menu. This veggie Indian restaurant is famous for its casual bites, for its colourful desserts and its generous platters, which allows you to snack a bit of everything in the menu with your friends. And Usha Foods is also just down the street from Patel Brothers, where you can find the hard-to-get savoury Indian pantry staples.


  1. Atoboy restaurant in New York

For a real-deal Korean experience, head down to Atoboy restaurant, in Flatiron. The minimalist modern Korean plates are challenged only by the fried chicken or the sea urchin with custard eggs. You and your friends will be fighting for every last piece in a setting which exudes Korean experience.


  1. Atla restaurant in New York

The Lafayette street in Noho is home to Atla, a gorgeous Mexican and South American inspired restaurant, which takes things to another level of taste. Find the caliente tastes of Latin America experimented in fresh expressions of the freshest ingredients, some local and some from their homelands. And everything takes place in a cool and hip vibe and settlement.


  1. Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop restaurant in New York

Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop is all about the nibbles we can take to go, eat during short breaks or enjoy late in the night. And yes, we are talking about slices of pies, melty, cheesy and crunchy, the classic NY slices! The showstopper is the Freddy Prince square slice, and it greets you with a bottom sprinkled with delicious sesame. And when it comes to the decor, this establishment scores high as the 70s dinner look, with a touch of modern.


  1. Hometown Bar-b-que restaurant in New York

With over a decade since it started, Brooklyn started to revive its barbecue cuisine and infuse it with new flavours, brought by new chefs. Hometown is a smoke joint perfect to start discovering New York’s barbecue scene, and you will have a self-taught master to prepare your food: Billy Durney who grew up and learned from the best of the South. It seems that good barbecue can also be found north of the famous Mason-Dixon line.


  1. Teranga restaurant in New York

East Harlem is home to a small cafe which brings the taste of West Africa all the way to New York. Discover some of the most interesting dishes of the African continent: from tofu to jollof rice, from gluten-free goodies to some savvy spices.

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