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How to best travel in each month of 2020

Country: Iceland

Continent: Europe

Time zone: GMT

Best to visit: June – August

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As fellow travelers, we found ourselves in the unpleasant situations of arriving at the wrong time in a destination. And believe us, it can ruin your mood and holiday. Thus, the reason we wanted to share our experience with your, so you do not have to see the attractions closed due to a national holiday or not enjoy the beach as there is a monsoon coming.

So we took the time and put in the extra effort to offer you a complete list of destinations which are best to be visited during each month of 2020. No matter when you are going to plan your holiday, make sure you take a look over our list for some inspiration, starting now!


Where to travel in January 2020


The winter months in the northern hemisphere, as the summer ones, open up multiple possibilities to travel to other parts of the world, depending on one’s wishes. You can go south to Uganda, where you will find all the best conditions for tracking some of the rarest apes on the planet.

But if you love winter, the ball season is opening up in Vienna, Austria, and you have the chance to participate in some royal-like events. Fans of such cultural events can also visit Australia, as January holds the Sydney Festival, during which you have to chance to indulge in visual arts, music or theater.

In the northern hemisphere, its winter season in January, so there are places you can go to enjoy some powder. And we don’t mean the famous ones, which everybody knows and loves, but the ones less traveled to so you can enjoy the slopes all to yourself. A budget-friendly option is Bulgaria, while British Columbia offers a great destination as well.


Where to travel in February 2020


February brings lots of fun activities around the globe, from the ice-cold amazing experiences to the hottest festivals. You can go to Iceland to spot the northern lights show, as this is the month when it is most likely to see them. And if that fails, you can dog sled through the vast wilderness.

On the other side of the world, the Rio Carnival is about to sweep the streets in samba rhythms, while the masked carnival in Venice is going to cover the entire city in mystery and parades. For wine aficionados, the harvest in Mendoza is going to open up the bodegas for everyone to have a taste.


Where to travel in March 2020


March is the best month to admire the Iguazu Falls waterfall in its full potential. This gorge divides Brazil and Argentina and is going to offer some great views of what nature is capable of. Speaking of which, you can go trekking off the beaten tracks in Vietnam, as weather conditions are becoming more and more pleasant.

Other Asian countries are also at their best during March, as you can go panda-watching in China’s Ya’an Bifengxia Panda Base.


Where to travel in April 2020


April is sakura season across Japan, one of the most beautiful periods of the year. Famous around the globe, the cherry blooming starts in Kyoto and you can follow it to Tokyo and Hiroshima, you won’t regret being part of its serenity.

Baseball fans can gather in Boston to be part of the season-opening. And while they’re at it, they can also be part of the Boston marathon, a unique event which combines sports with philanthropy in the world’s oldest city marathon.

April is also the month when the Thai New Year is celebrated, so you can enjoy the serene beaches of the country and also participate in the world’s biggest water fight!


Where to travel in May 2020


May is the perfect month to go sightseeing in Europe, as the attractions are not yet overcrowded with tourists. You can head to Montenegro, for rafting or hiking experiences, to Prague in the Czech Republic for some medieval sightseeing or to the Adriatic coast of Italy for a taste of both cultural and culinary experiences.


Where to travel in June 2020


June’s warm weather in the northern hemisphere opens out many more possibilities for tourists, which otherwise might have been less preferred. One such experience is the White Nights festival in St Petersburg, a lively festival adorned with cultural events such as music, ballet, opera and many more. also, Greenland is now open to whale spotting, while you can learn how to live like a local from the Inuit communities.

As the start of the dry season heads off in Zambia, you can enjoy the world’s first walking safari: South Luangwa National Park.


Where to travel in July 2020


July is one month which united many countries around the globe under one idea: it’s the perfect time for wildlife spotting. For example, you can see the birth of baby kangaroos in Australia, the jaguars in Brazil, the grizzlies fishing salmon in Alaska or the Arctic animals in Svalbard.

If this does not suit you, July is a good period for going to the beach in the northern hemisphere of the all-time sunny destinations!


Where to travel in August 2020


The same conditions apply for beach lovers in August as they do in July, so they need not worry. But as far as wildlife spotting goes, you can go to Kenya to see the great migration on the banks of the Mara River. Also, the white water rafting in the Zambezi is a must-try!


Where to travel in September 2020


September is great because it is one of the sunniest periods in many countries across Europe, so you can visit them relaxed. For example, you can go to Dublin, Ireland, or on a seafood safari in Sweden.

On the other hand, September is a month during which the hot atmosphere in the middle east becomes bearable, so you can take on the old Silk Road and head to see the ancient ruins in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan or Kyrgyzstan.


Where to travel in October 2020


Jordan is perfect in September, as temperatures reach around 27 Celsius degrees/18 Fahrenheit, and it’s the perfect occasion to see the ancient ruins of Petra. From there, you can take the Bedouin route to Dana.

The Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand still offers sunny beaches, but if you find it chilly, you can always relax in the Hot Water Beach thermal baths.


Where to travel in November 2020


Sun-seekers in Europe will head down to the southern countries, such as Malta, or even northern Africa, such as Morocco. Plenty to visit here as well, from culinary experiences to cultural experiences. Its also the start of the summer season in Asian countries, such as Thailand, Indonesia and even India!

Those interested in amazing cultural experiences should go to the Dia de Los Muertos festival in Mexico, held on the 1st and 2nd of November. Sugar skulls, skeletons and lots of tequila honour the departed across the country.


Where to travel in December 2020


Travelling in December is conditioned by what you desire: a beach destination of festive snowy attractions. Thailand and Polynesia are great beach destinations in this period of the year, as they have their season peaks.

On the other hand, Lapland is home to Santa Claus and you can have some amazing experiences if you’re feeling festive: ride in reindeer chariots, shop for Christmas decorations and meet Santa’s elves.


You have now suggestions for each month of 2020, so your holidays will always be perfectly timed. Save yourself time and effort and check out our destinations and when best to visit them!

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