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Hawaiian visa for Indian citizens

Continent: Pacific Islands   

Time zone: USA (GMT-10)

Best to visit: April – October

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Travelling is known to have therapeutically benefits, from stress release to spiritual enrichment, needless to say about the great experiences you will enjoy, such as meeting new people and indulging in different cuisines. And travelling to an exotic island is on the list of most travellers, so the Hawaiian Islands is always a good idea for the beach lovers.

However, if you want to travel to Hawaii you need to get a visa so you can enter the territory. The Hawaiian Islands are part of the United States of America, and the US offers a Visa Waiver Program (VWP) for certain countries, citizens of which don’t have to get a visa to travel to Hawaii.

The disadvantage is that India is not part of this program, so Indian citizens will have to apply for a visa if they travel to Hawaii on vacation or business purposes. And as an Indian citizen, you’ll need to apply for a non-immigrant, B1/B2 visa.


How Indian citizens can apply for the Hawaiian visa


Indian citizens who desire to travel to Hawaii and apply for the B2 Visa can use their visa for vacation purposes and are also allowed to go to Hawaii to visit family or friends. The process of applying for such a visa is easy to conduct and involves a series of steps.

First of all, you can go online and fill the non-immigrant visa electronic application form. Secondly, you have to pay the required fee in the Indian rupee on the fee page and create an account, which offers the registration number which will be required for future logins.

The completion of these 2 steps will lead to booking an appointment at the Visa Application Center for a visa interview. We recommend paying attention and completing the form with all the information correctly.

The last requirement is to have an interview for your Hawaii visa. Please remember to take all the necessary documents with you, such as passport, photographs, application confirmation and other required documents.

What you need to know for your Hawaii visa:

  • You have to be careful not to stay longer 90 days
  • You must have a valid passport for at least six months from the moment you enter the respective country
  • The purpose for visiting Hawaii must be: vacation, business, sightseeing, participation in events or contests without receiving any compensation, short-term training, transit or contractual negotiations
  • You should have a ticket to the next destination or a return ticket when you enter Hawaii, no matter what mode of transport you enter by (sea or by air)

The moment you enter Hawaii, you need to follow the instructions of the immigration screening area and you should line up in line for the immigration screening process of non-residents. The moment you are called by the immigration officer, you need to show him your passport and your travel documents, and after you answer his questions, such as your purpose of visit and the length of your stay, your fingerprints and a facial photograph will be taken. When this is done, you can officially start your vacation in Hawaii!


Immigration procedures for Hawaii visas


If this is your first time visiting United States territory, things might seem a bit overwhelming. However, there is nothing to stress about, it is a normal procedure through which all non-residents of the US must go through. And as long as you have all your papers in order, there’s nothing to worry about.

Let’s continue with explaining the immigration process so you can know all the details and what to expect!

Immigration screening takes place soon after you arrive at the Honolulu International Airport. Follow the arrows in the airport and go to the visitors from the overseas area. Get in a line following the sign that says “Foreign Passport“ or “Non-Resident“. After that, wait until you are called. Don’t approach the immigration officer before you are called. If you get too close, you will be warned to back up. While waiting in line, keep the documents in handy. When you arrive at the immigration officer, he’ll ask you a series of simple questions. These will involve the purpose of your trip, the duration of your stay or the place of your stay.

Next, your fingerprints will be taken and registered in the database. This is also a normal and standard process, so there’s nothing to worry about it either. The process will be complete after you take your photograph.


Why visit Hawaii?

There are numerous reasons why you should visit Hawaii. Sure, as an Indian citizen, you will need a Hawaiian visa, but completing the visa process will be worth your while!

One of the best reasons to visit Hawaii is the fact that it still holds some untouched places, that look like they haven’t ever seen humans. And the best way to find them is by going off the highway and taking the scenic routes.

The Hawaiian Islands have a diverse and colourful culture, touched by different nationalities over the decades. And it all shines through the locals: most of the naming you will find on the islands are in Hawaiian, the cuisine is diverse and delicious, the locals are friendly and will accommodate you in several languages.

The weather in Hawaii is amazing all year round, even during the islands’ winter. And this climate offers an amazing shopping scene, with local markets where you will find season’s best and freshest fruit and vegetables. Moreover, you can taste the local cuisine on the street markets in the islands’ cities.

Scuba diving is always a great idea in Hawaii. The incredible array of marine animals and fish make up the best of the scuba diving experiences, no matter which destination you choose for this activity. But you will also find incredible natural sceneries, recommended for hiking, as well as all sorts of exotic birds and animals!

That being said, all you are left with is to apply for your Hawaiian visa and start packing!

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