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We can provide you with as much information as you want and need, but you should know that you should also discuss with the embassies of the countries where you want to travel, that otherwise you may wake up that you want to enter the country and you cannot. And let’s not travel to a country just to return, you have other things to give your money.

We offer you the details and information you need, but not the visa. The information you find in the site should be used as a guide. We advise you to contact your local official mission, consulate or embassy to ensure that you have the latest information.

We have warned you as many times that we take no responsibility in any way, shape or form of any of the information found on this site, or for any sites that this site links to. And we say it again! Read the phrase from the beginning.

Rules and regulations change on a day to day basis and of course, since we are not robots and do not work 24 hours, errors can occur. Of course, phone calls to officials either don’t get answered or you get bad advice. Moreover, phone calls to officials either don’t get answered or you get bad advice.

We try to offer you the best information and data so we have many contacts and get given a lot of information keeping a site like this up to date is task which takes a lot of time. And let’s be serious! Our employees also need free time, so let’s be human and not report every mistake. Unless it’s very serious and it had to be avoided.

If you find the information to be wrong and you find the real story, we ask for your help and please let us know the current situation so we can pass it on to other people. Such as yourself.

We like to keep in touch with those we help and we are always happy to hear from fellow travelers who wish to share their experiences. However, we would greatly appreciate if you do not email us with individual visa questions or request for invitations. The information put on the site is true and quite clear, so we don’t see why additional data is needed.

We are a professional team and we like to collaborate and help professional people.

Chop chop! Stop wasting time reading and go travel to a beautiful country.

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