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christmas island Visa for jordan citizens 🥇 Online and Fast

Visa information for Christmas Island

Visa Staus : Online Visitor e600 visa

Visa additional information : Before boarding, airlines can use the Australian Passenger Advance Processing (APP) system to verify the identity of electronic visa holders. The airline ’s verification using Australia ’s Advanced Passenger Processing (APP) system will require detailed information on the travel document on which the visa was issued.

Visa issuer : Evisas can be obtained before departure.

Passport information for Christmas Island

Passport status :Passport required

Passport exemptions : Nationals of Jordan with a temporary passport.

Passport Validity : Passports and other documents that accept entry must be valid upon arrival.

Flying fish cove is the main city of Christmas island. Christmas island is located in Asia. Citizens from Jordan need visa to visit Christmas island. In the Christmas island country page you can find more tourist information about infrastructure and attractions.

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Top 10 Attractions for Jordan citizens travelling to Christmas island :