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Visa information for China

Visa Staus : Visa required

Visa additional information : If you hold a new valid passport of the same nationality, you will accept the valid visa or residence permit in the expired passport. Both passports must have the same name and personal information. When using a visa, a round stamp will be placed on the passport (a single-use single-entry visa includes one round stamp, and a double-entry visa once includes two round stamps) Passengers traveling to Tibet must hold a special Tibet entry permit.

Visa exemptions : Under the following circumstances, group tours organized by China International Travel Service or registered travel agencies can stay for up to 6 days: from Hong Kong or Macau to the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong Province; arrival / departure from Dongguan (DGM), Guangzhou (CAN), Huizhou HUZ), Shantou (SWA), Shenzhen (SZX) or Zhuhai (ZUH); and nationals of countries that have established diplomatic relations with China.

Visa issuer : Passengers with a Port Visa Notification can obtain a visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 30 days. Passengers with a normal passport and a confirmation that a visa on arrival has been approved before departure can obtain a visa on arrival at Beijing (PEK) for a maximum stay of 3 months. If travelling on business, extension of stay possible for a total stay of 6 months. Passenger must have: a passport with at least 1 unused visa page, 2 passport photos; and a letter of invitation issued by Chinese authorities or by a sponsor approved by Chinese authorities, who must meet the passenger on departure, carriers must fax all documents to the station manager. Passengers with a normal passport and confirmation that a visa has been approved before departure can obtain a visa on arrival at Chengdu (CTU), Shanghai (Hongqiao (SHA) or Pudong (PVG) for a maximum stay of 1 month. The passenger must: have a letter of invitation issued by the Chinese authorities, confirmation from the Immigration authorities that the visa will be issued on arrival, 2 passport photos and a confirmed return/onward ticket; and passport contains at least one blank visa page; and a sponsor (approved by Chinese authorities) meets passenger on arrival. Passengers who are part of tourist groups of travel agencies belonging to the Zhejiang Province can obtain a visa on arrival at Hangzhou (HGH) for a maximum stay of 1 month. Passengers traveling as tourists can obtain a visa on arrival at Shenzhen (SZX) for a maximum stay of 5 days. They must not leave Shenzhen during their stay. Before departure, the carrier must notify the local immigration and obtain approval.

Passport information for China

Passport status :Passport required

Passport Validity : Passports and other documents that accept entry must be valid upon arrival.

Information about minors : Children who travel with their parents or guardians do not need a passport if they are registered on their partner ’s passport.

Warnings: Nationals of Turkey with a normal passport must hold a visa issued in their home country. If visa is issued in a third country, a residence permit or working permit is also required. Visitors not holding return/onward tickets could be refused entry.

Beijing is the main city of China. China is situated in Asia. Travellers from Turkey need visa to visit China. In the China country page you can find more tourist information about infrastructure and attractions.

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