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Visa information for American Samoa

Visa Staus : Entry permit required

Visa additional information : If the passenger also holds a valid passport with the same nationality as the expired passport, the valid visa in the expired passport is allowed. Samoa (United States) issues entry permits instead of visas.

Passport information for American Samoa

Passport status :Passport required

Passport Validity : From the date of entry, the validity period of passports and other documents accepted for entry is at least 6 months. Warning: If departing from the United States (with or without destination passport exemption), the US immigration authorities need to provide a valid passport and / or acceptable departure documents.

Information about minors : If the minor is traveling with someone other than the parent or legal guardian, the minor can prevent possible delays if it holds a notarized authorization signed by the absent parent / both parents. U.S. nationals under the age of 5 traveling with a birth certificate must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian of the U.S. national. caveat! According to European Union (EU) legislation, all minors are Bulgarian nationals and must leave Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Romania, or Schengen member countries with a travel document that meets the entry requirements for the destination.

Pago pago is the capital of American samoa. American samoa is found in Oceania. Travellers from Bulgaria don't need visa to travel to American samoa. In the American samoa country page you can find more tourist information about infrastructure and attractions.

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